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Learn about all of the health care options you have available to you. If you need help signing up or questions about how to personalize your plan so you only pay for what you need, then contact us today!


Medicare Advantage Plan


If you live in an urban setting there may be so many plans it is hard to compare. If you are in a rural setting, choices might be limited.  What makes it even harder is most shopping sites do not show you special needs plans which may be a better value and a good fit for you.

We will check your doctors and medicines against available plans and then go into detail.  You will feel comfortable in your ability to choose a plan that suits you. As qualified agents we can provide you with assistance.

Guess what, instead of having to do this every year we offer an annual review that only takes minutes.


Medicare Supplemental Insurance | Medigap


Medicare Supplement is a supplement to the coverage offered by Original Medicare. It does not include prescription drug coverage.   

Go to any doctor that takes Medicare who agrees to see you as a patient.  Premiums go up every year and that goes double if you are married. Call to see if Medicare Supplement is right for you and remember you will still need to add a prescription drug plan to go along with it.  Don’t forget to review your Part D coverage every Annual Enrollment Period.

We suggest that you compare your annual premium to the maximum out of pocket on a Medicare Advantage Plan.

We represent many companies who offer Medicare Supplement.  Over a long period of time, one company may raise rates more than another and you might have to answer health questions to change companies.   Be careful when you choose.


Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage


Can be included with Medicare Advantage but also purchased as a standalone product.

Drug coverage can be the most complicated of all Medicare coverages and for some people, it represents their highest out-of-pocket cost.  Make sure all your prescriptions are listed or they will not be covered. It is important that you get this right. If your prescription cost is high or if you have complicated medicines, we can help you estimate your monthly cost and how it might change throughout the year.  Let us help you with this important coverage. 

The best part is that we can have this comparison ready for you every year in your annual review.


 Health Insurance For Individuals and Families


New savings available for 2021 health coverage until Aug 15 2021 on exchange


We can help you with this important coverage.  Some people will qualify for subsidies and with new changes in the law everyone who has individual health insurance needs to look again before this enrollment period ends.  New programs might lower your cost and increase the benefits offered to you.  The new special enrollment period ends Aug 15, 2021.

If you have gotten even one unemployment check this year you may be entitled to special savings. 

If you are already on a health plan through the exchange you need to do a new application now to take advantage of higher subsidies. 

Whatever your situation please call us for a review.


Life Insurance / Long Term Care Insurance


Protect the people you love and protect yourself just in case you might need long-term care in the future. 

Have you come to realize how important you are to your loved ones and how much it would mean if you were no longer in their lives?  

We promise to be thorough in our search for a plan that will protect the ones you love. 

Some life insurance can help you pay long-term care expenses.

Give us a call to discover how such a plan might work for you.


Dental Insurance


Do you understand how dental insurance works?  

Most folks find themselves in one of these 3 situations.

  1.  Dental insurance is included in your Medicare Advantage Plan

  2. Some people wish to purchase a stand-alone dental plan.

  3. Do you have acute dental needs that need to be covered as soon as is possible?   If so, you need a dental plan with no waiting period.


Please call for our specific recommendation


Vision Insurance


We recommend vision insurance through UnitedHealth One

You can be covered very quickly for glasses and/or contacts at affordable prices.  Dan and Jane use this coverage for their entire family.


Travel Insurance

Travel Polaroids

Why buy Travel Insurance?

Because accidents can and do happen while traveling.

Because your health insurance may be limited or may not work at all overseas.

Because medical evacuations can be really expensive

Because sometimes, even expert travelers need a little help.